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Love Beyond Borders
New Mexico

Sharing Love Where It Is Needed Most!

Our Mission

Love Beyond Borders was established in 2003 by SOLE Ministries, in Albuquerque NM. Our purpose to meet the needs of those less fortunate around the world.

People + Planet

Love Beyond Borders, New Mexico wants to help those in need.  We distribute food, education and more across the world.

Wilderness And Biodiversity

We honor the intrinsic value of biodiversity and wildness and recognize our interdependence with healthy natural systems.

Fighting For People & Planet

Whether near or far, Love Beyond Borders NM brings blessings to those who need it.

Social Justice

We recognize the intersectionality of systems of oppression and the interdependence of all fights for social justice.

Respect And Integrity

We deeply acknowledge that every decision we make now will have a longlasting effect on the environment and the planet itself.

Indigenous Partnerships

We are ready to cooperate with indigenous communities and frontline communities that are directly impacted by authorities.

Systemic Change

Love Beyond Borders is a collaborative social welfare organization that helps communities in need.

Join Us

Become One Of Our Growing Family Of Volunteers To Help Others.

Financial Contributions

A substantial portion of your donation is directed towards individuals and communities in need around the world. Your tax-deductible partnership with Love Beyond Borders will make a powerful difference.

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