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Love Beyond Borders (LBB) was established in 2003 with the purpose of meeting the needs of those less fortunate around the world.  It is our mission to reduce the amount of suffering experienced on a daily basis by the impoverished people of Nepal.  100% of the proceeds from our LBB program goes to providing food, clothing, water, shelter, medical, dental and educational needs for men, women, and children of all religious affiliations, disabilities, race, color, ethnicity, sex and social status.  LBB has been successful in alleviating the suffering in Nepal for 10 years now, by ensuring the financial resources entrusted to us, actually reach those who need it most.  We’ve been able to accomplish this, by partnering with a network of trusted individuals in Nepal, who share our vision for the destitute.  In addition, to verify the effectiveness of our efforts, an LBB representative will visit Nepal to physically verify the impact we’re having.  Our unwavering commitment to this cause has resulted in hundreds of people being fed, lives saved, and relief for those suffering from tragic events, like those impacted by the devastating earthquake of 2015 and most recently, massive flooding, which orphaned many children.  We’d like to thank those, who over the years, have partnered with us to make this all possible, for without your generous love and support, we’d be hard-pressed to make a difference where it’s needed most.