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Nepal flooding report 2019

Nepal Flooding Report 2019:

Every year flooding continues to cause widespread and massive devastation to the already impoverished people of Nepal.  When flooding occurs on the fragile landscape of Nepal, often massive landslides will destroy homes and take lives.  Most of the structures that remain standing are often uninhabitable because of water damage.  The monsoon season started in the beginning of July and to date it is reported that over 70 lives have been lost.  Here are some firsthand photos of the most current devastation.

When the flood waters penetrate the fragile make-shift structures that the people live in, it destroys the home and all of the contents.  Most belongings cannot be salvaged so the people find themselves in the position of having to start all over again.  The money from our Love Beyond Borders program goes to help rebuild those lives and purchase basic necessities like water, food, clothing, and medicine.  Your generosity also helps bring hope!  Hope for a better tomorrow, hope that their needs will be met, and hope that there are people like us who care about the suffering of others and work hard to meet those needs.

Thank you for all your continued support!


Heavy flood waters
Walking in the flood
Flooded structure
Getting aid to the people
Flooded traveling areas
Muddy walkways

Mud in all areas