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Mission to help the poor and needy in Nepal


Its not difficult to find poor and needy people to help in this world as we are inundated with more news of tragedy and disaster hitting so close to home.  God instructs us to help those less fortunate and we must not abandon our commitments to help people in other countries like Nepal, who as an already impoverished nation has been hit with recurring devastation that has left so many people struggling to survive.  As we prepare for a mission trip there in November, we have discovered a group of approximately 350 families totaling 2500 people displaced by flooding and living in the forest.  The needs here extend far beyond clean drinking water.  They have lost everything and are struggling to survive the elements with very little food and resources as they face a fast approaching winter season.  There are children with no clothes, sick and elderly who need medical attention, and an impending threat to all from wild creatures like tigers, snakes, and scorpions.  The need is great but so is the opportunity.  This is an opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel to this community of displaced villagers by showing them how God and His children care about meeting some of their needs.  It is an opportunity to give them hope.  Hope in a God who loves them and hope for a better tomorrow.

Please join us in this very important mission by donating any amount below and share our progress by subscribing to our blog or following us on Facebook.  We are so excited to share what God is able to accomplish through our Love Beyond Borders program, Pastor Ron’s upcoming mission trip, and your help!


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