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Love Beyond Borders Mission Trip to Nepal 2017


Love Beyond Borders Mission Trip to Nepal 2017

Plane arrival in Abu Dhabi airport



The vacation is over and the mission trip to Nepal is underway!  Here are Pastor Ron’s first photos and thoughts from the trip!




View #1 of Nepal from hotel balcony
View #2 of Nepal from hotel balcony









There is a great deal of poverty here as you well know – this has not changed.  In fact, it still all looks to same, except for more people, pollution and poverty.  Technology is advancing but very slowly.  Traffic everywhere!  Horns honking all the time and for good reason, as there are few intersections and really no stop signs, or any street signs for that matter, so people make it up as they go along, which makes for a roller coaster of a ride!  -Pastor Ron


Neighborhood from hotel window
Neighborhood from hotel window








First order of business in Nepal was to meet with Pastors Timothy and Pastor Jay Kant to discuss the details and schedule of the mission trip.  There are logistics to work out for the receipt and distribution of 100 water filters and determining how best to spend the resources that we have been given to have the most impact in helping people and sharing the love of God to those in need.


Pastor Timothy and Pastor Jay Kant
Pastor Meeting to launch mission trip








Staying hydrated with clean drinking water!
Cabs so small, we barely fit!








Stay tuned for more photos from Pastor Ron’s first week in Nepal!

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