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Love Beyond Borders – Report direct from Pastor Reuben in Nepal

Here is another report directly from Pastor Reuben in Nepal received 10/24/17:


House Church

House Churches in Nepal are increasing every week and every month. But, there has been tremendous pressure and restricting law being made against Christians in Nepal. On 17 Oct 2017, president of Nepal passed the bill saying any attempt to convert someone from one religion to other is offensive crime and guilty of hurting of religious sentiments and any Christian should face 6 years of imprisonment. Nepal paints herself as religious tolerance, secular state and freedom of religious speech but it’s not, so you need to pray for the boldness of Christians in Nepal to grow stronger. I know God loves Nepal and He wants many to be saved.

In this photo, a handful of believers is gather in home to worship the Lord Jesus Christ together with other saints. We all need your prayer so that Church will grow despite restricted rules. I have more on this, below.


Now Anti conversion Law in Nepal

President of Nepal sign Anti Conversion Law to be effect in Nepal, so we need your prayer for Nepal, for Pastors, Evangelists, Church workers, many seems likely to face the prison because no one can stop the gospel being preached in Nepal. Nepal makes new rule to threaten and punish Christians who preach and people break the rule all the time. Is not this beautiful? Nepal is small country in the world and grace of cloud is over this country, that is why, thousands of people accepting Jesus Christ every week and church is being planted every months all around.

Read the Conversion Law HERE


Soccer Cup in Taplejung


We were able to witness the crowd with message of the good news in Far East Nepal. Soccer is the most loved game in Nepal and in this mountain town, thousands of people came to watch the game. God is leading this soccer ministry all around Nepal and people are reading the news of the Church Boys team in TV, Radio, Newspaper, and internet Media. Where ever we go and play, we give glory to God in the sporting field.

We had two trophy in September October. This one is from Taplejung. Here is Peter Segun from Nigeria who play very good defense role in football. Name of Christ is lifted up.

Reuben Rai received best Coach Award in Pathivara Gold Cup in Taplejung
We thank God for using us in sport. People start to talk about Jesus Christ where ever we go. They say this is a Church team, this is very good team, players are sober, gentle and they ask us about our faith.



Flood and Damage

There was huge damage done by the flood that effected South Asia. It was short flood but the damage done by it were huge. People had to leave home at night and some people who were not aware were victims of the rain and flood. Nearly 200 people dead in flood, mostly children. Their crops were damange, house destroyed. Many Churches responded to the need with relief supplies and share the gospel to them.

There are some serious cases of post flood situation and we are trying to reach there with some help. So it is not over, there is a chance to help them. Please join with us to give them help supplies.

Be a part of God’s work in Nepal.

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