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Nepal update report – Pastor Reuben Rai and Aakriti Magar

As you can see from our numerous reports, each of the ministries that we support in Nepal are diversified in their goals for giving love and hope to those in need.  Pastor Reuben Rai’s ministry is a little more established to be able to provide care for the growing number of children who were orphaned by the devastating earthquake in 2015. On April 25th, we had posted a report about 12 orphans who are being cared for by his group and Aakriti Magar is one those 12. Here are some excerpts from her story..

Aakriti Magar is 5 years old and currently living in a church hostel located in Kathmandu. She is a little girl with a calm and innocent face who doesn’t talk to strangers but can become your best friend once you steal her heart. One of her biggest fears is the ground shaking and dust storms flying in the air. When the earthquake hit a little over a year ago, she saw her Mother killed in a fallen temple. That night she was terrified as they slept in an open space, counting stars and holding her sister’s hand. She heard the screams of the people and there were dead bodies everywhere. Her home was completely destroyed and the land, which was their only source of farming income, was demolished by fallen rocks and not to be used again. Her remaining family members became homeless and Aakriti was placed in the care of Pastor Reuben’s group. Your support helps to pay for her school tuition, supplies, food, shelter, and care. When Aakriti grows up, she wants to become a medical nurse to help others in need.

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