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Pressing On Towards The Goal Of Spreading Love

Not Letting Environmental Challenges Slow Us Down


One of the challenges for the people of Nepal is pollution.  The air is thick with the stench of burning trash and car exhaust, and the streets filled with trash.  It is healthy to spend time away from the city and reside in the mountains for a time, to enjoy the clean air the forest provides.  If staying in the city, it is advisable to purchase a mask, to help filter the air you breathe.

  • Toxic fumes: the burning of plastics, metal, Styrofoam, painted material, etc., fills the air and on cold nights, the gases hover around shoulder level, making it more likely residents will inhale the toxins.
  • Dust: many roads are unpaved and those that are, are covered in dirt, which when driven upon, creates dust clouds, polluting the air.
  • No waste management: there is no trash pickup, dumpster, or disposal areas, so residents leave their trash everywhere.

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